Marketing to young Australians – has everything changed?’ what’s old is new again?

Lachlan Davidson, Head of Marketing Home Owners and Insurance and Sheena Sudra, Head of Emerging Segment Marketing, both at NAB, closed the CXO Leaders Summit with a presentation on “Marketing to young Australians – has everything changed?’ what’s old is new again?”

We live in an age of our customers providing more data and signals than ever before. Those same customers are indicating a decline in trust in organisations. So has the way we need to market changed? Or do the foundational principles of marketing hold true?

Driving business transformation in the age of the channel-less customer

Mark Teperson, Chief Digital Officer at Accent Group Limited delivered a presentation around “Driving business transformation in the age of the channel-less customer”

During this session, Mark:

  • Explored key changes in consumer and demographic trends influencing purchase behavior
  • Identified the strategies that are driving business growth in a shifting landscape
  • Shared the strategic blueprint Accent Group developed to drive business transformation and re-imagine customer experience
  • Discussed critical success factors in driving business transformation

Mark is the Chief Digital Officer of Accent Group Ltd, Australia’s largest footwear retailer with over 445 stores across Australia & New Zealand. Mark has extensive experience in a variety of retail disciplines including Merchandise, Marketing, eCommerce, CRM, and Omni-channel retail. Mark has developed a reputation as a change agent, leading several high-profile change management and strategic projects at Accent Group through digitising the organisation and re-imagining retail. He is responsible for the Group Digital Strategy and execution for 9 retail and wholesale brands including, The Athlete’s Foot, Platypus, HypeDC, Skechers, Vans, Timberland, Merrell, Sperry, Saucony & CAT. Mark holds a Masters of Management and MBA from MGSM, and is a non-executive director of not-for-profit board.

Sales versus Marketing in 2018 – Are you truly aligned and committed in strategy and execution?

Nathan McEwan, Chief Marketing Officer at Stratton Finance, discussed “Sales versus Marketing in 2018 – Are you truly aligned and committed in strategy and execution?”

An age-old topic, littered with collateral damage on both sides and no doubt many missed customer opportunities. All organisations are different, so there is no silver bullet to achieve the utopian genuine alignment, and the engagement models and objectives continue to evolve over time. In 2018 there is an abundance of data, insights and customer feedback at our fingertips to help teams create meaningful strategic and executional alignment.

During this constructive and light-hearted roundtable session, the audience could explore and share experiences building alignment while working closely with Sales or Marketing teams.

Nathan is an intuitive commercial marketer and business leader, he looks towards the commercial, data and organisational realities over jumping to creative executions. Nathan’s teams say he is an energetic and passionate people leader with a strong bias to action. Building and leading high performing teams which are aligned to strategic and commercial objectives are environments where Nathan is most energized. Nathan’s experience at the core and his passion is in competitive consumer-facing businesses with strategic agendas to leverage big data and digital innovation.

Are you talking to yourself? Improving CX through team member engagement

Joel Goodsir, Head of Marketing at Inspirations Paint, discussed “Are you talking to yourself? Improving CX through team member engagement” at the CXO Leaders Summit.

This roundtable explored the ways to drive customer service excellence inside a business. How can we better engage our team members via internal marketing, eLearning, and incentivisation using integrated online platforms?

Joel Goodsir is a marketing professional with 20 years’ experience. He holds a Bachelor and Masters degrees in Marketing and has lectured in postgraduate marketing at various Universities. Joel is Head of Marketing for Inspirations Paint, the largest network of paint stores in the country, supplying one in every six litres of paint in Australia. He also consults with a variety of businesses on marketing strategy and brand redevelopment and is a Certified Practicing Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute.

Customer journey maps are like an atlas

Haris Hirose from Toyota discussed “Customer journey maps are like an atlas” on his roundtable during the CXO Leaders Summit Sydney.

At Toyota we believe that our customers are unlikely to follow a linear customer journey map. Instead, they choose their own path driven by their changing mobility needs, and our business model needs to be geared to respond easily and effectively. The audience in this session explored an alternative to journey maps and discussed their own perspective about anticipating customer engagement with their brands.

Haris has been working with Toyota for over 12 years, half of which were spent in Japan, where he worked on Global Projects focusing on Dealer Kaizen activities primarily in the Asia Pacific Region. He currently works for Toyota Australia and is involved with the One Guest Program, whose objective is to shape the transformation of Toyota from a manufacturing company to a customer centric organisation. At the heart of this change is to start treating Toyota Customers like Guests.

The emotional basis of loyalty

Tom McCann, Head of Member Experience at AON, discussed around “The emotional basis of loyalty” during his workshop at the CXO Leaders Summit. 

Emotions. We all have them, some of us try to avoid them while others revel in them. And every time a customer interacts with your brand they have an emotional reaction – whether they want to or not. The right emotions drive loyalty and loyalty drives revenue so if you’re not managing the emotions your brand delivers you’re leaving money on the table.

Responsible for guiding the Aon Master Trust on their journey to becoming a customer-obsessed organisation. Specifically, accountable for:

– development and implementation of customer experience strategy,
– customer understanding, technology, methods, and principles,
– experience initiative prioritization,
– experience design,
– experience delivery,
– customer experience measurement and its impact on business outcomes, and
– driving the organisation towards adoption of a customer-centric culture.


Adapting an international brand to a local market

Jennifer Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at, discussed around “Adapting an international brand to a local market” during her workshop at the CXO Leaders Summit.

Just because a brand is successful abroad doesn’t mean it’s going to be an automatic hit with Australian audiences. This session took the audience on the journey of’s iconic meerkats; the challenges of bringing them to Australia, localising them to this market and securing their place in a long-term strategy to ensure sustainable growth in a largely undifferentiated category.

Jenny has been in technology-driven marketing (on and offline) for over 30 years. She has worked across Australia, Asia, America and Europe and is focused on driving innovation, growth and the evolution of the digital marketing industry.

Jenny was appointed to her current role as CMO of market-leading comparison service, to fast-track the company’s transformation into a truly customer-centric business by diversifying its consumer interactions and relationships. She is also responsible for evolving one of Australia’s most-loved brand assets – the meerkats.

Previously, she was CMO of The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia (HCF), one of Australia’s largest combined health and life insurance organisations. Jenny was responsible for driving a complete brand and digital transformation, with a focus on redefining the customer experience. This ultimately led to HCF being awarded “Brand of the Year”.

Starting her career in software development, Jenny rose through the ranks to hold roles such as Regional Director of McCann Relationship Marketing (MRM), Head of Interactive for MRM Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Tribal DDB Australia, during which time Tribal was awarded Agency of the Year for three years running.

Leaving agency life in 2016, Jenny started her own consulting business Ideagarden, which she ran for seven years until moving to a client side role as the CMO of HCF.

Jenny is an active participant in digital industry associations, and speaks frequently at conferences on various aspects of digital and the impact it has had on both the marketing and advertising industries. She has developed and run training programs for AdSchool and private clients, and has participated at board level on change management, particularly in relation to digital.

With a strong focus on digital, Jenny has worked with marketers, agencies and media companies to implement major digital change either through the evolution or the creation of totally new business models.

Creating the multichannel customer experience

Michael Donath, Chief Digital Officer at IKEA, delivered at presentation around “Creating the multichannel customer experience”

Michael explained how IKEA develops an understanding of customer needs, both now and in the future. During his presentation, he gave the audience an insight into IKEA’s approach to making a relevant customer experience.

Michael Donath leads IKEA’s multichannel transformation in Australia. Looking after expansion planning, new store formats, eCommerce, Web & Digital as well as Multichannel initiatives, Michael’s role will transform IKEA into a retailer that supports customers across all channels and provides a great shopping experience wherever and whenever a customer engages with IKEA. Michael has had broad experience in IKEA covering Logistics, Store Operations and Projects as well as a background in Manufacturing and Wholesale.

Is marketing about creating greater engagement or increasing sales?

Kelly Claudius from the Australian Marketing Institute, moderated a Panel Discussion around “Is marketing about creating greater engagement or increasing sales?”

Panelists included:

Deirdre Boyle, Head of Marketing and Digital, AIA
Nicole McInnes, Chief Marketing Officer, OVO Mobile
Russell Schulman, Head of Marketing and eCommerce, Krispy Kreme

Organisations are often marketing-led or sales-led, but how often are they customer-led? Customers can impact revenue in two ways: they’re both necessary to maintaining existing revenue and the key to unlocking future revenue.

While marketing is shifting from talking at people and focusing on transactions, to engaging with people – building meaningful, life-long, and personalised relationships, we must ask where the focus truly lies.

Has the focus on engagement made modern marketers soft?

Have we have lost the art of asking for the sale?

Is marketing ultimately about driving sales?

Can success still be achieved without a conversion?

Are they mutually exclusive?

Is every marketing leader required to become a martech mastermind?

John Chalmers, Director Marketing and Communication at the University of Technology Sydney, closed the first day of the CXO Leaders Summit Sydney 2018 with a roundtable on “Is every marketing leader required to become a martech mastermind?”

Are we capitalising on marketing technology? Are your automation, programmatic, or mobile web rollouts building demand at scale as intended? Do you have the ‘always on’ targeted and integrated content needed to put your technologies to work? Are you making martech decisions to build a stack that prioritises ROI? And should we harness technologies already in play, before searching further in AI or voice?

John has 20 years of international media, marketing, communications and content experience and is responsible for the strategic direction of the marketing and communications functions at UTS; driving innovative strategy, concepts and content across all platforms and developing the university brand. Before working for UTS, John lead marketing and communications at media intelligence company, Isentia, which spans 18 offices around the Asia-Pacific specialising in media monitoring and analysis, and comprises the globally awarded King Content, Brandtology and Two Social businesses. He was previously a magazine editor and journalist including for Men’s Health magazine and at the New York Post. He attended Adelaide University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in history and politics.



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