Managing Digital Disruption And Transformation In A Traditional Retail Business

Louise Cummins, Marketing and Digital Director, H&R Block

Louise Cummins, the Marketing and Digital Director of H&R Block discussed during her around the table session at the CXO Leaders Summit the topic of digital disruption that is impacting all business. Not only how the consumers and businesses engage with the technology, but also how it drives innovation and demands new cultural behaviours. She also shared insight on how they at H&R Block are managing digital transformational opportunities and challenges – from digitalisation of the government, moving more omni-channel environment and managing the cultural change of a more conservative and older workforce.

Louise is the Marketing and Digital Director at H&R Block Australia, and has over two decades of experience working across a range of industries including finance, technology, entertainment, healthcare and telecommunications.

Her managerial versatility, combined with her commitment to pioneering strategy and passion for innovation, has made her an award-winning industry leader who thinks outside the box – consistently delivering clear and measurable results.

Louise shares her knowledge and expertise by acting as a mentor and leader, both within her company and within the marketing industry. She has also extended her successes in the corporate world with consultative and governance roles for not-for-profit organisations.

The Power Of Brand Trust

Lynda Cavalera, Deputy Chair, Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)

Lynda Cavalera the Deputy Chair of Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) shared during her session at the CXO Leaders Summit the importance of customers trust in your company and branding and what the dimensions of trust are. She shared information and insights on some of the failed and successful outcomes of trust from what she has witnessed in the industry and explained what we, as marketers, can do more of to build trust.
A senior business and marketing executive and accomplished leader with more than 25 years’ experience across multiple industries including financial services, banking, retail, Government, education and NFPs. Lynda has strong strategic experience and commercial acumen, and bring a distinctive capability to synthesise consumer insights and trends to develop compelling brands and value propositions that provide customer solutions across the customer journey in a channel-neutral approach, to create impact, value and advocacy whilst delivering on key business objectives.

As a passionate and innovative marketer she is adept at integrating emerging technologies, channels and trends with the more traditional, whilst simultaneously considering both the marketplace and customer, to achieve positive results and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Currently Deputy Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute, Lynda has a solid reputation as someone who is adept at influencing and negotiating to effectively get things done across all levels of an organisation including Boards and executive teams, even in complex and challenging environments, whilst simultaneously building collaborative and productive relationships and high-performing teams.

Path to Personalisation

Rebecca Mangan, Digital Experience Specialist, Sitecore

Rebecca Mangan, the Digital Experience Specialist at Sitecore shared during her 3 step round table discussion at the CXO Leaders Summit the importance of personalisation and how in Today’s market there is an increased expectation from customers for personalised experiences from brands. She’s shown how to identify quick win personalisation tactics to improve conversions and ultimately ROI in customer.

“Brands understand that delivering personalised experiences drive loyalty and increase sales. But in a world where we have fragmented legacy systems and siloed marketing applications, where do we start?”
Rebecca is a results-driven marketer with 9 years of digital experience. She is passionate about creating seamless online experiences across digital products. Her experience spans digital strategy, UX, digital product design and delivery for blue-chip clients such as CommBank, Sunsuper, NRMA, Accor Plus, Nestle, Panasonic and Lion.

The Relationship Era – Don’t Market To Strangers

Alesha Godinho, Head of Engagement, Marketo

Alesha Godinho, the Head of Engagement from Marketo has shared during her session at the CXO Leaders Summit the importance of marketing to the correct audience for your product and why it is worth investing the time to look at the customer lifecycle and establish how we can better engage with our prospects to make them customers and ultimately advocates of our brands.  “Even though most of us have difficulty engaging with strangers, as marketers we seem to have no problem selling to strangers. We spam unsegmented email lists and display annoying pop-ups on websites. We spend exorbitant amounts of money on digital advertising—without even taking the time to learn about our audiences.”
Alesha is a marketing automation specialist that works with organisations to develop and adapt their digital strategy. Alesha has been working with organisations for 6+ years to streamline a consistent customer experience across channels to drive brand advocacy. In her role at Marketo, Alesha scopes and aligns the right Marketo Professional Services to ensure the engagement platform drives fast wins, supports business goals and drives ROI.

Journey Mapping, Prioritisation and Management

James Usback, General Manager, Touchpoint Dashboard

James Usback, the General Manager at Touchpoint Dashboard shared during his session at our CXO Leaders Summit information on how Touchpoint Dashboard assists organisations to move from journey mapping to journey management and introduced several tools to assist you in scaling this function across your organisation while building internal support for your mapping and CX (Customer Experience) initiatives.
He mentioned that while the practice of journey mapping to identify pain points and improvements in the customer journey has been useful, most organisations have struggled with the ongoing execution and management of improvements. To truly deliver memorable experiences, a disciplined method of prioritisation and journey management is needed.
“Touchpoint Dashboard is a journey management solution that enables organisations to collaborate, validate, analyse and optimise a portfolio of journey maps. Prioritisation and management of initiatives are paramount to ensure any journey mapping projects are a success. Managing resources and understanding where the greatest ROI on journey improvements lie is the key to ongoing success and creating loyalty.”

James Usback is the General Manager of Touchpoint Dashboard, the world’s leading journey mapping and management platform. He works with organisations to help sustain and scale journey mapping efforts through best practice frameworks and the Touchpoint Dashboard platform. This drives accountable action and continued improvement through native customer validation and action planning capabilities.

Augmented Analytics: The Future Of Business Intelligence

Santiago Vela, Digital Marketing Lead, PACCAR Australia

Santiago Vela the leader of Digital Marketing for PACCAR Australia shared during his session at the CXO Leaders Summit tips on how to analyse data and uncover hidden patterns and relationships to aid important decisions and predictions.
With insights from extensive consulting work around the world and his research on many large multinationals on data analytics he is able to examine the science of the underlying algorithms as well as the principles and best practices that govern the art of predictive analytics.
“According to the 2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities for BI and Analytics Platforms report, the number of users of modern business intelligence and analytics platform that are differentiated by smart data discovery capabilities will grow at twice the rate of those that are not, and will deliver twice the business value by 2021”
Santiago is an advisor to organizations and business leaders interested in pursuing a business-first digital agenda, with a specific focus on the transformation of the enterprise through technology and data. Areas of experience and expertise include Strategy, Innovation, Marketing Automation, Customer Experience, Augmented Analytics and Blockchain Systems. Santiago is a Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence Expert with a strong background in Strategy & Consultancy. A professional with extensive experience in managing large-scale digital projects covering marketing, sales, service, and web applications. Also, a creative with sharp experience in UX design and digital strategy.
Before joining the multinational PACCAR Inc. as its Digital Marketing Head, Santiago was the Director of Marketing Studies at the Ningbo School of Foreign Affairs in China and Marketing Management lecturer at KBS (Kaplan Business School) in Melbourne. As an entrepreneur, Vela was the co-founder of Beautiful Marketing Australia, one of the first Inbound Marketing agencies in Australia. Santiago also has experience in other industries/sectors including Financial Services, Manufacturing and Government and in a wide range of areas including Change Management and Design Thinking. Santiago’s mentors are influential leaders including Tom Peters, Ken Robinson, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk and his current research include Native Advertising, CRM Integrations in the Cloud, Human Centered Design and Advanced Augmented Analytics.

Keeping Brands Iconic By Staying True To Their Founding Myth

Shalabh Atray, Chief Marketing Officer, Kraft Heinz

Shalabh Atray,  the Chief Marketing Officer for Kraft Heinz shared during his session at the CXO Leaders Summit stories of brands that have consistently reinvented themselves to be relevant to the culture yet being true to their founding myth. “Iconic brands are those that stay true to “what made them famous in the first place.””


Shalabh is the CMO for Kraft Heinz, Australia, leading commercial marketing for all the 25+ categories and 8+ brands for the Australian business. He has lead other iconic global brands & local jewels like Golden Circle, Gravox, Saxa, Foster Clark’s amongst others. Shalabh is recognised as being an industry leader in crafting iconic brands, growing categories and driving disruptive innovation.

Customer Experience For Social Good

Belinda Dimovski, Director Customer Engagement, Australian Red Cross

Belinda Dimovski the Director Customer Engagement for Australian Red Cross shared with us during her session at the CXO Leaders Summit an introduction into the Customer experience for a Not for Profit Organisation and the art of listening to and defining customers needs and financial donor wants. “Customer experience outcomes don’t just lead to increased financial returns, but the ability to meet humanitarian needs”


Belinda Dimovski is the Director of Engagement and Support at Australian Red Cross. She is responsible for the Customer Experience, Fundraising, Marketing and PR functions for the organisation as well as the delivery of First Aid training to students as well as the operations of the Red Cross Shops to support the amazing work the organisation delivers every day.

How Customer Centric Is Your Organisation? (Really) Aka How To Find Your Blind Spot

Heather McGovern, Former Chief Product and Marketing Officer, BankVic

Heather McGovern the Former Chief Product and Marketing Officer of BankVic shared during her session at the CXO Leaders Summit information and insights into why it is important to assess your organisation’s capability with a CX (Customer Experience) lens. She explains how you can assess this across multiple dimensions using tools such as customer understanding, capability and resources, techniques and technology, measurement, leadership, and organisational culture.

She has also shared the importance of establishing your companies benchmarks and knowing what your process is to achieve what is important.


Heather is a strategic executive leader with over 20 years experience across multiple disciplines, locally and internationally and rich experience in delivering step by step change improvements. She is data-driven and commercial and has proven ability to identify opportunities, and deliver creative solutions.

Marketing to The New Australia

Mohit Bhargava, GM – Marketing and Sales, Village Entertainment and Topgolf Australia

Mohit Bhargava the GM of Marketing and Sales for Village Entertainment and Topgolf Australia Sitecore shared with us during his session at the CXO Leaders Summit the commercial impact of cultural diversity on brands and businesses through

the lens of the movie and entertainment industry.


Mo has over 15 years of marketing & business development experience working across some of Australia’s leading entertainment & media brands. He is one the leading entertainment marketers in Australia and has been recognised as one of the Top 20 most innovative marketers in Australia for the last two years running (#8 in 2017) in the CMO50 rankings for his data driven approach to entertainment marketing and the evolution of customer experience.

After 7 years serving as General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Village Cinemas and Topgolf Australia, Mo is currently in transition over to his new role leading Sales & Marketing at BIG4 Holiday Parks, Australia’s leading holiday parks brand.

Mohit has lived across multiple continents and still has deep seated family ties in Asia, North America and Australia. His deep understanding of cultures & diversity allows him to readily connect brands & products with diverse audiences.


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