Channel and Content Management

Julian Dunne, Head of Marketing, AFL closes up this year’s CXO Leaders Melbourne Summit with a presentation around “Channel and Content Management”

Julian is a marketing professional with extensive experience in senior marketing roles, managing iconic Australian and multinational brands including The AFL, Cricket Australia and GM Holden. Worked in leadership roles on both the client and agency side. Extensive experience in brand, digital marketing, sponsorship, sales, public relations, research, project and stakeholder management and a demonstrated ability in building brands and significantly expanding sales and revenue.

Currently responsible for marketing and research at the AFL managing a team of nine across brand, digital marketing, product development, promotion/advertising and research.

Marketing for Optimum Customer Experience in an Agile World

Lisa Stark, Chief Marketing Officer at Eric Insurance, delivers a keynote presentation around “Marketing for Optimum Customer Experience in an Agile World”

Lisa discusses ways of sharing experiences and key learnings from the leadership of a Marketing Cloud partner agency and transition/transformation of Eric Insurance.

Lisa discussed how the traditional role of marketing has changed plus looked at Strategy, leadership/business positioning, channels, skills, expectations, campaigns in the new world.

Other areas discussed in detail included what is customer experience? Who should own the customer experience? What does agile truly mean?

Lisa then looked further into how this impacts on the following:

  • Customers (expectations, communication channels, response, conversion, retention)
  • Team (Personalities, training, integration, flexibility, skills, attitude & aptitude)
  • Partners / Agencies / SaaS (qualifications, capabilities, assessment, relationships, support & planning)
  • Culture (The Marketing / IT collision, team alignment, agile marketers in regulated / rigid environments)
  • Infrastructure (Ecosystems, internal vs Cloud, cross capability, duplication)
  • Training (Lagging educational systems, Increased frequency / shorter duration / more relevance, continuous learning)
  • Compliance & Governance (Privacy, Regulators, CSR)
  • ROI

A proven, results-driven executive leader and consultant with deep experience in strategy, marketing and transformation, to create exceptional customer experience. Design thinker with extensive exposure to cutting-edge digital technologies and solutions as CMO and senior consultant for a leading Salesforce Marketing Cloud Gold partner agency. Involvement with major brands to deliver innovative and scalable customer centric automated communication projects across all channels at speed, seamlessly integrated with data environments and business operations.

Diverse skills across all aspects of business developed through board appointments, education and in leadership roles for marketing, sales, strategy, solution architecture, digital, projects, supply chain, media, contracts, tenders, IT, M&A, change management, corporate governance, HR and training. Experience in business restructure, transformation, rationalisation and process improvement to deliver operational excellence.

Comprehensive understanding of strategic frameworks and drivers delivering business outcomes. Startup, franchise, SME, ASX and Global roles including enterprise and matrix structures. Proficient with large projects and P&L responsibilities. Strong commercial, strategic and stakeholder management skills in complex and demanding environments. High level of emotional intelligence with exceptional interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Record of leading large, high performing cross-functional teams within Australasia, delivering thought leadership, effective change, collaborative continuous learning environments and firmly controlling costs. A trusted advisor, partner and project leader to companies in financial services, retail, public sector, NFP and health.

An extensive network and stable history. Committed to building sustainability into an organisation and it’s culture in a manner that delivers enduring value to all stakeholders.

Ways of Leading in an Ever-Changing World

Andy Fell, Founder of GiFT631, delivers a presentation around “ways of leading in an ever-changing world”

Andy discussed The ‘A’ Frame for Success and the importance of purpose, gratitude and authenticity while also looking at the different winning behaviours of successful leaders Personal Brand.

GiFT631 centres around Growth, Inspiration, Fulfillment & Transformation, linked to the ‘power of 10’ coaching framework (6+3+1). it is my passion & ensures I live my purpose on a daily basis.

‘Andy is a great speaker and inspirational leader who really practices what he preaches. He combines great story telling, empathy and passion with an ability to reach an audience and show them how to achieve their potential. Rather than putting himself on a pedestal he is about helping others join him up there. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker’. Tim Jarvis, OAM, Adventurer & Explorer.

Lessons Learned in the Gambling Industry

Mark Bradshaw, Head of Product and Customer Experience at William Hill, runs a workshop around “Lessons Learned in the Gambling Industry”

About William Hill:
Spread across nine different countries, there are over 15,000 of us, with approximately 11,000 miles between our furthest offices (that’s Gibraltar and Sydney). Of course there are a few in between Manila, Vegas, Tel Aviv and London to name a few. We love our sport and gaming but we’re a lot more than that.

Implementing the Right Technology to Increase Your Customer Experience

Lee Tonitto, Chief Executive Officer, of Australia Marketing Institute (AMI) moderates our afternoon keynote panel discussion on “Implementing the Right Technology to Increase Your Customer Experience”

Lee Tonitto heads up our star-studded panel at this years CXO Leaders Melbourne Summit including: 

Dr. Manisha Amin, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Inclusive Design

Jac Phillips, Head of Marketing, Visa

Mitchell Mackay, Marketing Director, Ansell

Cassie Price-McCoy, Customer Advocacy Leader, GE Healthcare

Teresa Sperti, Chief Marketing Officer, World Vision

Revitalising Customer Experiences

Suzy Pyke, Customer Experience and CRM manager, Forrester delivers a workshop around “Revitalising Customer Experiences”

Suzy discussed how Australian organisations suffer from lackluster customer experiences.This workshop used Forrester methodology and case studies to consider what makes a good experience, why so many of our experiences are relatively neutral, and what organisations can do to breathe new life into managing customer journeys to create great customer experiences.

Suzy, Melbourne-based, is a Senior Consultant for Forrester’s APAC Consulting practice and leads consulting in Australia/New Zealand. She has 20+ years of experience as a management consultant, helping clients improve and manage their customers’ experiences in order to add value to their business results. She is a project manager and business advisory consultant focused on digital and customer strategy, customer experience, and customer operations.
Suzy takes a customer lens to organisations’ business capabilities & processes, resulting in customer-centric outcomes that drive better business performance.

Customer Centric Culture by Design

George Bej, Director of Strativity Group, presents on Customer Centric Culture by Design.

George discussed how to understand and address the beliefs and mindsets holding your organisation back and how to move from aspirational experience design to realisation.

George has worked with some of Australia’s leading companies, specializing in the application of customer centricity lenses in order to assist executive management teams enhance customer experience. Prior to working with Strativity, George occupied a number of senior executive roles in tough industrial markets with more than 30 years’ commercial experience across a range of industries and organizations. He has implemented customer-focused programs that have led to revenue growth, improved retention and bottom line. George specializes in accelerating business performance, bringing tools and insights that can underpin successful transformation programs. George’s approach draws upon disruption theory, design thinking, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Love @ First Click

Ivan Trajkovskit, Head of Customer Experience, The Catch Group runs a keynote for our audience at this years CXO Leaders Melbourne Summit around the very engaging topic on “Love @ First Click”

Ivan discussed to our audience the challenges and changes Cath Group have made to make it one of the leading online retailers in the Australian Marketplace.

In an era where customers are becoming more demanding, Ivan shared the Catch Group story of change which included the Customer Integration strategy, The change management process, Technology and were it fits, Developing a mission and what their customers told them.

Ivan is an accomplished Contact Centre and Multi-Channel Leader with extensive experience in building and leading high performing teams across Retail and Business sectors.

A passionate and driven individual that partners with people and organisations who leads energetically with Humility, Authenticity and Social Intelligence.

Channel Management expertise: Inbound, Outbound (Inside Sales), Email, Digital, Chat, Customer Service, Sales Development, Account Management, Digital Integration, Cultural Development, Employee Engagement, Operational Improvements, Change Management, Strategy and Planning, Recruitment, Coaching & Training.

Can Identity Management be Used to Innovate and Create a Competitive Advantage?

Mark Perry, APAC Chief Technology Officer, Ping Identity, moderates a keynote panel discussion on “Can Identity Management be Used to Innovate and Create a Competitive Advantage?”

Mark heads up an all-star panel at this years CXO Leaders Melbourne summit including:

Thor Essman, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Versent

Melinda Buxton, Program Director, IT & Digital Solutions, Telstra

Claudia Lajeunesse, Head of Digital iD Strategic Growth, Australia Post

David English, Director of Technology, Transport for Victoria

This group discussed how traditionally, Identity and Access Management (IAM) has been implemented by IT departments to improve security, streamline user management processes and save costs for the business. But with the recent trend towards mobile everything, API-driven openness (e.g. Open Banking), and improving Customer Experience and Net Promoter Scores, IAM now enables enterprises to deliver innovative projects using modern agile practices.

The group sitting on this panel also shared their relationship life experiences of IAM as a competitive advantage in their organisation.

The Evolution of Content Creation: Chasing Audiences in a Fragmented World

Amanda Herbert, Vice President, Lifestyle Products & Interim General Manager for Discovery Networks Asia Pacific, opens up this year’s CXO Leaders Melbourne summit with a strong presentation around “The Evolution of Content Creation: Chasing Audiences in a Fragmented World”

In this session, Amanda looks at the shifting state of content creation and audience consumption. With the emergence of more platforms than ever before and changing behaviours in television viewing habits, the need for brands to adapt and transform to reach consumers is more crucial than ever.

Amanda provided further insights into how global content provider, Discovery Networks is navigating these challenges and tailoring content for diverse audiences, focusing on case studies including Shark Week and The Discovery Intern.

A broadcast media executive with over 15 years experience, Amanda Herbert specialises in Marketing and Communications. With extensive experience working across Subscription Television channels, in addition to advertising and concert tour promotion, she has been successful in building and promoting global brands within increasingly competitive business environments in Australia, USA and UK. Results driven with a strong customer focus, Amanda has a proven track record developing and implementing on and off-air marketing, social and cross-media strategies, as well as comprehensive and creative PR campaigns that increase brand recognition and make noise in a competitive media space.


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