Are your ways of working…working?

Vanessa Ross, Head of Marketing at Australian Unity presented the roundtable “Are your ways of working…working?”

What happens when your new structure goes live? Have you had the hard conversations? Is the wider business really onboard? Join the conversation on shared key learnings.

A values-based leader who is a strategic thinker and develops high performing teams to deliver innovative, commercial and sustainable business outcomes. Demonstrated ability in forging solid relationships, building consensus across multiple organisational levels and keeping a level head at all times.

Authentic leadership

Andy Fell, Founder at GiFT631, presented a roundtable around “Authentic leadership”.

A fast paced and involving roundtable, for leaders and future leaders regardless of experience.

The roundtable covered:

  • The ‘A’ frame for success
  • 8 key leadership and business lessons
  • ‘Who are you?’ as a leader
  • Winners checklist.

The style is practical, and the practices are delivered with clarity and are easy to implement but have long-lasting value.

GiFT631 centres around Growth, Inspiration, Fulfillment & Transformation, linked to the ‘power of 10’ coaching framework (6+3+1). it is my passion & ensures I live my purpose on a daily basis. Sales631 is about business/revenue growth, improving performance and making a lasting difference to customers. Utilising my vast experience in leading sales teams the programme covers all aspects of sales/service excellence including ‘creating customer magic’, building a winning team and social selling. #youth4good is a platform for amazing young people to share their ideas, beliefs, passion and stories. Our purpose is simply to build confidence and capability and enable other young people to move forward.

From anonymous to membership: Building audiences that pay and stay

Brendan Collogan, General Manager Customer Marketing at News Corp, presented a workshop around “From anonymous to membership: Building audiences that pay and stay”

Successful marketing programmes are commonly a blend art and science. In this session Brendan discussed the role of brand and data and how they have become the driving force behind the continued growth of a membership business.

Brendan Collogan is an award winning and accomplished senior executive with experience across a broad range of industries including banking, retail, insurance and credit cards. He is currently the General Manager, Customer Marketing at News Corp Australia. Prior to News Corp he was Head of Marketing, Home Ownership at Westpac, tasked to deliver an impactful marketing program to support the banks growth aspirations in the property sector. At Westpac, he established best practice marketing disciplines and the digital capabilities required to execute an integrated and targeted marketing strategy. In 2015, this program was recognised as the best in Australia and in FY16 the group was growing at 1.3x financial system. Prior to joining the Westpac Group, Brendan was a member of the Executive Leadership team at David Jones Ltd and accountable for their customer relationship marketing, consumer research and analytics programs. During his time he successfully launched three major credit card and led an award winning team to deliver an integrated (single customer view) marketing database across David Jones’ heritage and non-heritage credit card portfolios which became an enabling platform for their loyalty and digital marketing capabilities. Brendan is a recognised leader and regular speaker on analytics, digital innovation and the integration of consumer insights to inform targeted and integrated marketing programs.

Shut Up and Listen

Matthew Hingston, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Greater Bank, delivered a workshop titled “Shut Up and Listen”.

With more focus, data, solutions and conferences than ever before, have we over complicated the concept of customer experience?

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?

Hear how Australia’s most loved bank, Greater Bank, is managing CX on shoe string by simply listening to their 2 most important assets – their staff and their customers.

Matt is a passionate customer advocate with over two decades of diverse business experience, primarily in the marketing arena. He loves trying to make the complex simple. He has worked in the advertising industry both in Australia and the UK, in television and print media, and for the last 10 years in senior management roles covering Marketing and Customer Experience in the financial services industry. When he is not at work he’s playing soccer with his 3 daughters, finalising the plans to their dream home with his wife, and if time allows in the surf somewhere in Newcastle.

How Monash University is leveraging technology and content to transform customer experience

Fabian Marrone, CMO of Monash University, and Tom Spencer, Head of Services from Cognitives, walked their audience through how Monash University has transformed the way their marketing team works with content, and redefined how customers experience their brand.

Customer experience has become a requirement for brand success in today’s marketing landscape, but it’s no surprise that brands still struggle to deliver a unified experience for the customer. How do winning brands like Monash University tackle this challenge? They leverage the right technologies to produce effective and high-performing content across their organisation, delivering consistent, meaningful and engaging stories throughout the customer lifecycle.


Fabian Marrone is the Chief Marketing Officer of Monash University and leads the strategic marketing and communications for the organisation. Prior to that he was Vice-President of Marketing and Partnerships (APAC and EMEA) for three years. Hobsons specialises in global student marketing and recruitment. He has also held senior marketing positions with Adecco Group UK and Ireland, and CAMMS APAC, North America and UK. Fabian has developed an international reputation for his expertise in digital transformation and marketing. His record includes managing the world’s largest prospective international student survey in partnership with 58 universities globally. His vast skill set in strategic planning, marketing and sales enabled Hobsons to achieve international market penetration and thought leadership status. Mr Marrone designed a data science and digital marketing methodology at Hobsons that was adopted by 12 universities across the globe within 12 months. Fabian holds a broad range of qualifications in addition to his extensive university and industry experience. These include a Business Double Degree in Marketing Management and Administrative Management from the University of South Australia, qualifications in digital marketing, agile project management, social media and google analytics, together with media training.

I am currently focussed on a disruptive innovation in martech, – a start-up I co-founded. In addition, I mentor startups on how to build and sell great tech products and companies. I also advise large organisations on how to better harness the potential of entrepreneurs and innovation to achieve their goals.

Improving your CX approach through digital innovation, personalisation and Martech

Camille Baumann, Global Executive, Growth Markets Area Marketing Lead & Digital Customer Solutions and Bithia Romero, Senior Digital Strategy & Advisory Consultant at Avanade, presented a roundtable discussion around “Improving your CX approach through digital innovation, personalisation and Martech”.

Even the most well-established brands don’t always get it right. Customer Experience (CX) has an ever-moving goal post against heightened consumer expectations and includes many opportunities for innovation. If CX is a focus in your organisation, or key to your business strategies, you can’t afford to miss this learning opportunity.

The discussion aim was to increase your awareness and improve your positional understanding of CX, where you can better leverage every powerful moment with your customers, to create advocates and promoters of your brand.

Key questions answered:

  • How do you find balance to improve Customer Experience through delighting your customers?
  • What do your customers want when it comes to an ideal customer experience? Do you really know or are you guessing?
  • What is the correct digital technology to have in place for digital transformation or marketing?
  • Best practice case studies: how do our clients and their customers define great customer experience?
  • Nearly all organisations believe collaboration between the CMO and CIO is critical to success – so why doesn’t it happen more?

Key themes included:

  • AI personalisation for instant gratification
  • Integrating ecosystems not just infrastructure
  • Design of change that is empathetic to the unexpected

Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences for its clients, delivered through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Build vs Optimise: How to know when to build a new website from scratch and when to upgrade what you have

Michael Laps, Co-Founder of Yoghurt Digital, delivered a presentation around “Build vs Optimise: How to know when to build a new website from scratch and when to upgrade what you have”


One of the most common dilemmas companies face on a regular basis is deciding whether to rebuild their website from scratch or simply upgrade their existing infrastructure over time. During his presentation, Michael taught the audience:

  • How to take personal opinions out of the discussion and use data to drive the decision-making process
  • Which consumer behaviour data you should be gathering and analysing to decide whether to optimise or build from scratch
  • How to include your customers in the decision-making process to ensure the project generates positive ROI and long-term performance growth
  • How to build a proper project requirements scope using data, for both a new website build or an optimisation program

Michael demonstrated real-life case studies from Yoghurt’s clients who’ve gone through a similar process.

As one of the co-founders of Yoghurt Digital, Michael spends his time using data to deliver goal-focused digital strategies for Yoghurt’s clients. His role also encompasses business development, developing partnerships and setting the overall strategic direction for the agency. With a background in client service at both traditional advertising and digital agencies, Michael has been privileged to have worked with some of Australia’s largest companies, including ANZ Bank, QBE Insurance and Converse.

Taking an iconic Australian brand global

Jane Hoban, Global Director, Brand at T2 Tea, delivered a presentation around “Taking an iconic Australian brand global”.

Jane shared the lessons learnt as they took the T2 brand global. From Australia to the world, from retail to omni channel, from data light to data centric and from one founder to many. During her presentation, she shared T2’s journey and what her team learnt along the way.

I am currently Global Marketing Director at T2 Tea, a global luxury retailer offering the widest collection of innovative teas and teawares from around the world. I am responsible for harnessing and cultivating T2’s brand essence and turning it into an incredible end-to-end customer experience across all touch points. I spend my days unearthing new opportunities for T2 to share its unique brand experience with tea lovers around the globe. Before T2, I was Global Vice President of the Drug Channel at Unilever, a €3 billion business. As a senior international business leader with over 20 years’ experience, I have driven the marketing endeavors of some of the world’s biggest, most successful blue chip companies including Unilever, the Coca-Cola Company and L’Oreal. Over the years, I have spent time immersed in roles spanning retail, sales and marketing with local, regional and global remits.

Reinventing your ABC

Leisa Bacon, Director of Audiences at ABC, delivered a presentation around “Reinventing your ABC”. 

A behind the scenes look into how we are continuing to evolve an incredibly valuable, 86 year old institution, for an increasingly digital future. Looking into how we are evolving the audience experience to meet future needs, including how that will impact content, products and journeys.

With over 20 years’ of blue chip strategy, digital & marketing experience, Leisa Bacon is passionate about ensuring audiences are at the heart of everything. Leisa has a strong track record in leading teams and developing a strong vision anchored in a deep understanding of the customer. She applies this experience to her current role as Director of Audiences for the ABC, where the team work closely with content makers to implement the ABC strategy and help audiences discover the great Australian content made by the ABC. Leisa is a brand and experience (Cx) evangelist, who prides herself on working for organisations who are leaders in their field, ensuring that they put customers at the heart of everything they do. Leisa is accustomed to working for large, complex and often global organisations at a Directors level, from P&G to the Coca-Cola Company, she has led some of Australia’s largest new product launches and marketing campaigns.

Brand to human: how to delight your customers in unexpected ways

Tyler Jarratt, Commercial Director at GMG Digital, delivered a presentation around “Brand to human: how to delight your customers in unexpected ways”.

Too often ‘digital’ marketers spend their time ticking boxes (campaign, channel, publisher, etc) instead of asking questions like; ‘are we connecting emotionally or are we being unexpected?’ In this session, GMG Digital will explore the unexpected ways to delight your customers through digital and the trends and behaviours that enable them.

GMG Digital is a full-service, holistic digital agency. Since its inception in 2010, GMG has grown from a boutique SEO provider to an award-winning agency, offering custom data-driven, digital solutions. We value learning, numbers and creativity above all else, and aim to partner with people, brands and companies that share our passion for digital, and the internet on the whole.


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