Amy Walker

Co-Founder, Cognitives

Amy Walker is a co-founder of Cognitives, the next generation content marketing platform.

Cognitives is the #1 enterprise content marketing platform for planning, managing and distributing content at scale.

With powerful content creation features, social media integrations, workflow tools and analytics, Cognitives is your all-in-one enterprise content marketing platform, empowering the future of content.

Amy has built a reputation as a strong leader in the SaaS market, helping multiple SaaS companies drive to scale through highly effective go-to-market strategies, and sustain scale through solid internal foundations.

The companies Amy works with can vary greatly in size, from brand-spanking new SaaS companies starting out with product validation – to highly profitable businesses looking to reach into new markets.

With a background originally in finance & accounting, Amy is a strong believer in the use of data to validate and continually test new ideas to drive business strategy.

She looks for SaaS companies with innovative ideas, that are backed by teams of exceptional people.

Amy is a hands-on advisor, director and/or investor – focused on helping identify the right strategies, processes and structures needed to reach scale, and works closely with each company to see these strategies executed effectively.