Andrew Knott

Chief Marketing Officer, National Australia Bank

Andrew is a highly capable CMO | digital marketing executive with experience building businesses & brands across multiple markets and categories in agencies, technology vendors and now for one of Australia’s most iconic brands, NAB.

Andrew has consistently exceeded budget targets through strategic focus aligned with customer-led market opportunity in order to drive growth. Building exceptional teams has been a key element to his success.

Talent development is an area of passion for Andrew, believing that leadership success can only be built on the foundation of an exceptional team and that nurturing talent is the best way to achieve this. He has also been able to get some of the best talent to follow him to his subsequent roles.

Andrew also recognizes personal development is essential for ongoing success and he has actively participated in a range of formal programs as well as continuous unstructured learning. He believes in the benefits of mentoring and acts in this capacity for a number of individuals.

Andrew was also one of the founding members of H2, the premier global leadership network for the digital industry designed to develop the next generation of digital leaders. He regularly speaks at events and participates in creative judging, most recently as the Jury Chair for Asia Marketing Effectiveness Awards and the Festival of Media Asia.