Andy Fell

Founder, GiFT631, MOC

GiFT631 centres around Growth, Inspiration, Fulfillment & Transformation, linked to the ‘power of 10’ coaching framework (6+3+1). it is my passion & ensures I live my purpose on a daily basis.

Sales631 is about business/revenue growth, improving performance and making a lasting difference to customers. Utilising my vast experience in leading sales teams the programme covers all aspects of sales/service excellence including ‘creating customer magic’, building a winning team and social selling.

#youth4good is a platform for amazing young people to share their ideas, beliefs, passion and stories. Our purpose is simply to build confidence and capability and enable other young people to move forward.

‘Andy is a great speaker and inspirational leader who really practices what he preaches. He combines great story telling, empathy and passion with an ability to reach an audience and show them how to achieve their potential. Rather than putting himself on a pedestal he is about helping others join him up there. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker’. Tim Jarvis, OAM, Adventurer & Explorer