Haimee Code

Head of Customer Success, LinkedIn

Customer Success is the new black and I love that the industry is calling what my team does the essence of what inspired the many different roles I’ve had over my career. Consulting, training, education, coaching ultimately it’s all about the customer. Over the past 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to build the foundations of the customer success team at LinkedIn Australia and experience first hand the evolution of a brand in the market develop from something people didn’t really know much about to now being the go to place for professional networking and consuming content.

This evolution has seen me and my team grow and learn with the industry whilst driving to the ultimate goal of making our customers more successful and creating raving fans. I currently lead the Corporate SMB Customer Success Team and the Staffing Agency SMB and Enterprise team in Australia, 12 phenomenal customer success managers that inspire & empower every customer to connect talent with opportunity and drive business value & create raving fans.

I’m passionate about developing talent and coaching the next generation of leaders. I have a pragmatic eye for efficiency and optimising process and love dreaming big as much as getting it done.