Santi Vela

Digital Marketing Head, PACCAR

I’m responsible for transforming our people, processes and governance as well as the technology to deliver a coherent customer-centred digital experience for our dealers and employees. I inspire a great marketing team responsible for the operations and delivery for all PACCAR Australia’s digital channels and platforms including websites and HubSpot, CRM, social media, paid digital marketing, advanced analytics and Inbound content strategy in ANZ.

• Programmatic Digital Advertisement Bidding

• Interacting with marketing automation technology to guide and adapt campaigns

• Lead management to ensure leads are going to the most effective route to close

• Social brand monitoring

• Content creation and adaption

• Supporting customer support team to focus on high value engagements
Implementation of our digital strategy including CRM email campaigns, SEO and digital advertising.

• Work closely with the dealer network across Australia and manage events and other local incentives via the digital and traditional channels to support our acquisition and retention efforts.

• Integration with the sales and back office teams

• Manage the digital budget

• Take PACCAR employees on a digital journey, transforming employee experiences and engagement by using LinkedIn.

• Research and Adaptation of Marketing Technology

• Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing Training, Design and Development of UI, UX and CX