Sheena Sudra

Head of Emerging Segment Marketing, NAB

Responsible for transforming NAB’s approach to acquiring, onboarding and retaining the emerging (millennial) segment through: delivering compelling digital and mobile-first customer value propositions; designing proactive customer lifecycle strategies aligned to key customer life events; and driving revenue through everyday banking product sales including transaction and saving accounts, personal loans and traveller cards. Adopted agile methodology, leading a dynamic cross-functional team of c. 15 people with direct budget accountability for over $15M. Key achievements: Boldly repositioned NAB everyday banking leading with the new mobile app unlocking new NAB-digital first channels (e.g Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify) and personalisation through Adobe and Quantium. Championed the delivery of new everyday banking onboarding and product sales campaigns. Results: Revenue targets all exceeding 100% with significant uplift in customer engagement metrics, mobile app digital adoption and segment NPS.