Simon Cahill

Head of Digital, Warner Music Australia

Experienced media and entertainment industry professional with over 17 years first hand knowledge in leading teams in marketing to youth. I have focused on learning the key disciplines of youth marketing – brand development, social media, engagement through experience, activations, PR, sponsorship, commercial rights management, event management, artist endorsements and music rights management.

Following my own passion for popular culture I began working in the entertainment industry through journalism, event production, marketing at record labels, to leading youth culture in A&R. Now in my current role I’m able to harness all of my past learnings to create strategy in the fastest moving digital business – music. The old world thought around ownership of music has given way to access everywhere. The battle ground is not getting them to buy, it’s getting them to listen.

A passionate self-starter and creative problem solver – fascinated by popular culture, street art, design, music and technology.