Vanessa Marven

Regional Head of Marketing & Communications, HUGO BOSS SEAPAC

Vanessa is currently Regional Head of Marketing & Communications SEAPAC at HUGO BOSS, overseeing Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea & Singapore, she is also a founding Board member of Motherless Daughters Australia which is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting girls and women whose mums have died.

From hosting media at New York Fashion Week to running a campaign shoot in remote Outback Australia, Vanessa has enjoyed some ridiculously good perks and a highly rewarding career with some of the world’s most recognised brands including HUGO BOSS, R.M.Williams and Universal Pictures.

Throughout Vanessa’s career, she has also applied her expertise (and personal passion) to the not for profit sector, developing and promoting campaigns such as Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, to create public awareness and research funding for breast cancer in young women.

Vanessa’s particular expertise and interest are in PR, communications, CRM, retail marketing and brand partnerships, she loves team management and mentoring and seeing young talent thrive.