Interview with Chris Randall, Chief Customer Officer at ResponseTek

Who are ResponseTek and what is their position in the Australia market landscape?

ResponseTek has been delivering Enterprise Customer Experience programs in Australia since 2012. We are a global leader in Enterprise CEM software connecting over 720 million customers to the brands that service them. We have five offices spanning four continents, and programs operating in over 60 countries. ResponseTek stays true to helping clients listen to their customers, learn from the feedback they collect, and ultimately act to respond to that feedback.

With 17 years of experience in the CEM space, ResponseTek has since seen significant growth and success in the APAC market and has established a partnership with the world’s largest Market Research firm, Nielsen. The partnership was initiated in Singapore due to the strength of Nielsen’s CX practice in the region. Since initiating the partnership, ResponseTek and Nielsen are bringing a robust offering to the global Customer Experience landscape, one powered by the ResponseTek’s Listening Platform and Nielsen’s wealth of service expertise.

What messaging is ResponseTek looking to promote throughout Australia at the moment?

Happy Employees deliver happy customers. Happy customers create positive brand momentum. The Customer Experience landscape is maturing and organizations are realizing the impact of bringing their brand and relationship research together with their employee engagement and voice of customer programs. ResponseTek and Nielsen have built a CEM Roadmap that helps organizations design a clear path to fast results by successfully integrating these core programs.

What does ResponseTek see as some of the key challenges facing senior marketing and customer experience executives within their space?

The challenges do vary based on the organization and their culture. Getting the business to truly care about the Voice of the Customer (and employee) enough to act on it can be a significant challenge for many organizations. Saying you want to improve satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy is one thing. Actually putting in place the strategy, processes, support, training, communications, compensation, etc. required to enable fast change is an altogether more challenging commitment to obtain. For those that have achieved this, the results easily follow. For those uncertain, we recommend a small step in this direction, as even the simplest of customer driven actions or initiatives as they can yield large enough benefits to justify the next few steps.

What differentiates the current suite of ResponseTek services from other providers?

Our expertise and approach. ResponseTek is a boutique group of CX professionals. It is all we do. It is all we have ever done. For 17 years, we have done nothing but deliver enterprise wide Customer Experience programs, and our CEM Blueprint and strategic partnerships are aimed at building a journey to rapid improvement that is easily within reach.

ResponseTek also is a leader in mobile surveying, having been a leader in the telecom space for almost a decade. Our understanding of the current consumer behavior around device usage and likelihood to reply will always ensure your survey response rates are the highest they possibly can be.

What does the future look like for an organization looking to work with ResponseTek?

Our CEM Blueprint has proven to change the culture in an organization towards one that is more customer-centric. The Blueprint doesn’t just focus on software, but how the organization can change to one that truly cares about the employees, the customers and the brand. ResponseTek is so confident in our approach and its ability to drive results, we even guarantee them.


About Chris Randall
Chris Randall is responsible for the Customer Experience Vision and Thought Leadership at ResponseTek. He has personally led and consulted on best practice Customer Experience Programs spanning 5 continents across numerous industries. Chris is the architect of ResponseTek’s Customer Experience Blueprint© and an active speaker on Customer Experience. An instrumental influence in the company since 2001, he’s developed its business planning, marketing, sales and service model.


About ResponseTek
Recognized as a 2014 Top Small & Medium Employer in Canada, ResponseTek is the leader in enterprise customer experience management software solutions. World market leaders in finance, telecommunications and retail – including 14 of the world’s top telcos, and Bloomberg’s top ranked bank – trust ResponseTek to drive millions of customer interactions every week. The ResponseTek Listening Platform™ eliminates silos of information by integrating customer experience data and reporting throughout the entire organization to improve customer satisfaction. Founded in 1999, ResponseTek is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and operates in over 30 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


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