Adriana Giometti

Chief Marketing and Corporate Relations Officer, Holman Webb

Adriana is a change agent with a unique and diverse background. She is a marketing and business development specialist with strong commercial acumen having worked as a sales professional, tax lawyer, publisher, marketer, executive coach and client strategist. Adriana can execute strategic business initiatives to drive profitability while maintaining a collaborative culture. As a member of the Future CEO Circle she is a thought leader and agitator for change in her profession. She has:

* been nominated as a finalist for CEO magazine’s Marketing Executive of the Year 2018

* assisted 2 law firms attain the No 1 ranking as the fastest growing law firm in the nation ( The Australian newspaper Legal Partnership survey)

* been the recipient of Thomson Reuters award for Largest Territory growth

* been a featured tax columnist in the ‘The Age’ newspaper (fortnightly)

* provided national training on the GST and New Tax System (audience numbers of 300+)

Adriana identifies opportunities for growth, expands and builds valuable client relationships, develops effective branding and communications strategies, delivers winning tenders, proposals and bids, and provides analysis of the competitive landscape. Her unique ability to build trust and long standing relationships on impact sets her apart from others in her field.